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Light Manufacturing & Industrial Staffing

DEZ Staffing helps clients who need light manufacturing, light industrial, industrial staffing, and assembly workers that are safe, reliable, and compliant to protect you and your brand.   Delivering reliable, detail-oriented individuals helps clients in a wide range of industries requiring light manufacturing and assembly work.

As a leading industrial staffing firm, our work with some of the largest brands in hospitality give us access to a large pool of qualified workers with seasonal work schedules.  Also, given our work with some of the highest quality brands in hospitality, we are able to locate workers that are reliable and have a high attention to detail for all industrial staffing needs.  This gives us an extra edge in providing light industrial staffing for a wide range of clients needing industrial staffing.

DEZ Staffing is a proud affiliate of HSS Hospitality Staffing Solutions, LLC servicing 37 states, 850 clients and 78 markets employing 10,000 employees daily.  Here are a few of the positions we provide for industrial staffing:




Manufacturing Technicians


Quality Inspectors


Shipping & Receiving Coordinators


Transportation Clerks

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